We are excited to be able to provide our clients with Canada's first Wait List Insurance, one of the most innovative and exclusive products on the market. Also known as Medical Access Insurance, it is the affordable alternative to waiting in the public system. With this coverage, you can get the treatment you need in weeks instead of months or years. You won't be forced to put your life on hold, or face the prospect of months of pain, lost income, restricted mobility or reliance on the help of others. In the most serious cases, this coverage can mean the difference between recuperating and a return to an active lifestyle, or living with the constant worry of not surviving long enough to receive treatment. Wait List Insurance provides a choice.

Originally developed as an executive benefit, this plan is available for both individuals and groups. For employers, it is an affordable addition to an existing benefit plan, or a stand alone benefit for companies or small businesses without benefit plans. Studies indicate that the productivity and bottom-line results suffer when employees become unavailable or restricted in their activities while waiting for medical services. Wait List Insurance provides an affordable solution to potential labor shortages due to illness or injury.

As a policyholder, if you have an appointment to see a specialist or for diagnostics or surgery more than 45 days from the date of your doctor's notification to you, this policy will expedite your diagnosis and treatment in the United States or Canada, when services are available.

Did you know?
Common wait times for a Heart Bypass are in excess of 1 year
The average wait time for a CT or MRI scan is 3 to 6 months
You could wait more than 2 years for a Hip or Knee Replacement

Ref: The Fraser Institute; Dec 2007

You can select a doctor and/or hospital from a list, and the insurer will schedule appointments, coordinate the required surgery or diagnostic procedure and make any travel arrangements if necessary. Imagine your peace of mind in knowing that you will receive the timely, premium health care you deserve, provided by the leading physicians in their field using the finest state-of-the-art facilities.

Plan Highlights of Wait List Insurance

Coverage is provided for approved consultation, diagnosis and surgery when a plan member is placed on a medical waiting list longer than 45 consecutive days. Once approved, services are expedited. You do not have to wait 45 days for treatment to begin.

Plan covers the cost of pre and post surgery specialist consultation, diagnosis (i.e., MRI and CT scans) and surgery, including approved travel expenses.

There is no deductible or co-payment required. The insurer pays the costs directly to the service provider.

No medical underwriting or evidence of insurability are required.

Pre-existing conditions can be covered once the policy has been in effect for 24 consecutive months.

State of the art diagnostic equipment and operating rooms.

Approved travel expenses are covered including approved companion travel expenses.

Free second opinion for covered conditions.


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