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We are life insurance advisors doing business with all Canadian life insurance companies and many United States insurers. We have acted as brokers for more than 30 years. This gives us the opportunity to canvass the entire insurance market to obtain the appropriate coverage for our clients. We sell all forms of life insurance and living benefits.

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We work with our clients' professional advisors in estate planning, business insurance solutions and the use of tax sheltered life insurance programs as a retirement planning tool.

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Living benefits include Long Term Disability, Critical Illness, Long Term Care, Wait List Insurance and Individual Health & Dental Plans.

Long Term Disability

Our individual and business Long Term Disability plans provide income replacement to professionals, executives, contract consultants and business owners. Disability insurance is also available for out-placed executives, individuals becoming self-employed, and to insure business Buy-Sell Agreements & Key Persons.

Disability Insurance is a complex product which requires that you choose a plan specifically tailored to your own occupation and lifestyle.

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Critical Illness Insurance

The recent trend toward Critical Illness Insurance has led us to develop an expertise in this area. These plans provide a lump sum benefit in the event that you are diagnosed with any of the covered conditions . The benefit is paid after a 30 day survival period, and there are no stipulations about how the money is used.

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Long Term Care Insurance

For the first time in history, people today are likely to spend more years in retirement than in the workforce. With increases in life expectancy, and reductions in covered expenses being delivered by Provincial Health Plans, it has become even more important to prepare yourself and your family should the need for long term care become a reality.

Long Term Care Insurance offers financial security by providing a lifetime income to pay for the costs of a long term care facility or home care.

Learn more about Long Term Care insurance by visiting our microsite, LifeCareSolutions.ca
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Wait List Insurance and Medical Access Insurance

Wait List Insurance

Waiting for access to medical services is a Canadian reality. Fast-track your treatment with Canada's first Wait List Insurance program.

• Rapid access to world renowned Specialists, Diagnostics and Private Clinics
• Coverage for more than 135 conditions and over 500 treatments and procedures
• NO medical questions, no deductibles or co-payments
• Pre-existing conditions are covered after 24 months
• Approved travel expenses are covered

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What's Covered?
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Medical Access Insurance

Get fully insured and rapid access to the American health care system with Medical Access Insurance. The plan provides:

• Treatment for 6 critical conditions such as Heart Disease and Cancers
• Customized treatment plan coordinated by a global patient organization once an initial diagnosis of the covered illness is confirmed
• Advanced medical treatment provided within 3 weeks at an American health care facility

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We offer individual retirement investment programs, Savings Plans and Income Plans, on both a registered (RRSP) and non-registered basis.

Savings Plans

RRSP, RESP, Non-registered or TDSP (coming in 2009)

GIC's (Guaranteed Investment Certificates)

GIC's are secure investments that offer a guaranteed rate of return for a fixed period of time. Working with banks, insurance companies, credit unions and trust companies, we are able to offer our clients the best rates for terms ranging from 1 to 5 years

Guaranteed Investment Funds

These funds offer investment returns based on market performance, along with built-in guarantees that protect your original investment. Also referred to as Segregated Funds, these products are a safe and simple way to diversify by asset class, investment type and region of the world. These plans also offer significant Estate Planning benefits and can provide creditor protection.

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Income Plans

RRIF, LIF or non-registered plans


An Annuity can be purchased on a fixed term or a lifetime basis. The person buying the annuity provides a given amount of capital in return for a guaranteed monthly, quarterly or annual income for a minimum term or for life. In effect, you are giving up your capital in order to receive a guaranteed income.

Annuities are based on income investments. Therefore, a fixed term annuity will be based on the returns of a portfolio of such investments for the term of the annuity. Lifetime annuities are based both on an income portfolio and a person's life expectancy. Life expectancy becomes a major consideration when one is purchasing a lifetime annuity and is older than age 75. The returns can appear to be very high because of the effect that life expectancy has on the yield.

Most annuities are implemented to provide a guaranteed pension using registered funds. However, non-registered annuities are often implemented together with lifetime insurance in order to provide a yield which is superior to the average GIC yield, with the life insurance providing a full return of capital upon death. This strategy is a valid consideration in retirement planning because of their special nature of taxation.

Annuities are available jointly on the lives of 2 persons as well, with payments terminating on the death of the 2nd individual.

Guaranteed Income Products

Planning for retirement has become the single greatest challenge facing the baby boomer generation. The problem is simple - you cannot afford to lose your principal. However, the guaranteed returns may not allow your money to grow fast enough. GIP's offer a guaranteed income for life, with the potential to increase if the markets go up. These plans are ideal for current retirees, as well as anyone within 10 - 15 years of retirement.

There are several carriers offering these plans, which are also referred to as Variable Annuities. Learn more about this new-to-Canada product.

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There are several insurers offering Individual Health & Dental Plans that can be tailored to meet your own individual needs.

These types of plans are generally fully underwritten at the time of application. Therefore, if a person has a pre-existing condition, there may be an exclusion for that condition, or a surcharge to include benefits for that condition. The only exceptions to this rule are starter plans that offer very limited benefits.

There is another class of plans which are available without medical evidence for persons leaving a group insurance plan. These plans guarantee a reasonable level of Health and/or Dental coverage with the only criteria being that you must apply for the plan within 60 days of losing your group plan.

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Our practice focuses on corporations and professional partnerships whose size ranges from 3 to 1000 insured lives. We offer all forms of group funding in our practice from fully insured plans to self-insured ASO plans.

Group Benefits include

• Life Insurance
• Accidental Death and Dismemberment
• Health and Dental care
• Short and Long Term Disability coverage
• Travel Insurance
• Group Critical Illness

Our clientele include professional firms, entrepreneurs, technology employers and manufacturers. Because many of these sectors conduct business throughout North America, we have expertise in Employee Benefits in both Canada and the United States. For those clients with substantial operations on both sides of the border, we have a strategic alliance with an American counterpart who operates nation wide.

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Group Retirement Programs

In addition to our group life and health business, we act as brokers and advisors in the implementation of group retirement programs. We consult in the design of both structured and voluntary retirement savings plans, as well as defined contribution and defined benefit pension plans. Our services include selection of money managers and administrative providers.

We also provide significant shareholders and business executives with a defined benefit Individual Pension Plan (IPP). These programs offer contribution levels which can be greater than a traditional defined contribution RRSP or Pension Plan.

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Special Risk Insurance consists of the following programs:

• Individual Travel Medical Insurance and Trip Cancellation Insurance
• Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance for individuals or groups
• Expatriate Life Insurance, LTD and Health Insurance for Canadians living and working abroad
• Disability Buy-Out Insurance
• High-Limits Key Person Disability Insurance
• War Risk Life Insurance for Canadians travelling to high risk countries

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